Friday, May 1, 2009

First Post: 1/100 Exia Repair 85%

So, after making this blog for over a month, I've finally decided on actually posting something.

I finally got to finish sanding and modding the Exia since my exams are over. I've even gotten to priming it today. I've also found my cape--it's a piece of a shirt! xD
Well, here it is:

Here's a close up of the head. I'll add a wire in there later.

I changed the thing on the knee joint. Looks much better now. Did i overdo the shield? >.<
All that's left is to paint it and weather it
If you haven't seen what I've done prior to this go here and check it out.


  1. Amazing work, once again ^^ Everything is so detailed, it's lovely! The completed product will be great, I know it ^^

  2. Hey Hey...=)

    Look who is in town..

    Nice Work man!! Very nice... next step paint?

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