Sunday, May 3, 2009

I actually managed to squeeze some airbrushing time before I leave for my vacation. xD
Not a big post. I just painted the white, red, and yellow pieces.
Shadowing effects are applied onto each piece, and it is:

That's how I paint. Get them on skewers and stick them on styrofoam.

Here, we can see the shadowing effect applied to the piece.


Red pieces.

Test fit to see how the red looks compared to the white. Maybe it's a bit dark. I might fix that later.
For now, I'm off to Hong Kong. And then China. And then Hong Kong again. And the Japan. And then Hong Kong again. And then China again. And then Hong Kong again. And then I'm back. >.<
Yep...that's my whole itinerary.

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  1. Nice-to (Japanese way of saying nice)

    Wish I have your vacation itinerary....